Community Health Systems

CHS is doctor-recommended in 20 States and 127+ hospitals. Approximately 20,000 physicians—employed and independent—serve on the medical staffs of 127+ CHS-affiliated hospitals in 20 states. The hospitals deliver a wide range of health services and function as vitally important members of their local communities. An array of national quality recognitions and honors includes accredited chest pain centers, accredited stroke centers, and Centers of Excellence for bariatric services. Our affiliated hospitals have the flexibility to meet individual needs and the ability to offer competitive recruitment packages and startup incentives. Hundreds of physicians choose CHS-affiliated hospitals each year—for quality of care and quality of life.

About Our Community

Wherever you see yourself and your new practice, chances are a CHS-affiliated hospital is nearby. Most are located in quiet, easy-paced communities not far from a large metropolitan center, national parks, beautiful beaches or mountain ranges. While we’re literally “all over the map,” we’re focused on helping you find a place to build a successful practice.